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Official Site for the Crystal Park Volunteer Fire Department
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Safety Bulletins and Essential Safety Tips

The CPFD prepares and distributes safety bulletins, brochures and safety tips to keep your homes, families and pets safe from harm.

2013 Wildland Fire Briefing from the may 4, 2013 Town Hall Meeting

Hazardous Waste Disposal  Many of the products we use around the home present real danger:  Please dispose of them safely and in a timely manner. 

Fire Extinguisher Training Make sure you are prepared for a fire in your own home.

Escape Drills and Smoke Detector Information

Safety Bulletin #1 How to prevent chimney fires; what to do if you have a chimney fire.

Safety Bulletin #2 Christmas tree safety; test your safety IQ; important fire safety tips.

Safety Bulletin #3 Winter safety: cars, blizzards &ice skating; safety tips for babysitters; I.C.E

Safety Bulletin #4 Disposing of hot ashes; adopt a cistern; CPFD first anniversary; CPFD auxiliary.

Safety Bulletin #5 Spring cleaning for fire safety; propane grills; defensible space; protect your own home from wildfire; help firefighters help you

Safety Bulletin #6 Back to school safety tips; be safe this autumn; emergency calls with VOIP telephones: do you have 911?

Safety Bulletin #7 Spring landscaping for defensible space; Colorado child passenger safety laws; Spring cleaning includes fire prevention and safety!

Safety Bulletin #8  Autumn Safety Tips for the Crystal Park Community; Chimneys, Halloween safety, Back to school safety; Pet safety; Camping safety.

Safety Bulletin #9  Chimney Fires and Generator Safety