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Waldo Burn Scar and Flood Danger

What does the new flood danger mean for Crystal Park residents?

The good news:  Most of us live on "higher ground" and have little danger of our homes flooding due to the Waldo Burn Scar.

The bad news:  Several homes in the lower Park are at some risk for flooding.  We may not be able to leave or come into Crystal Park if Manitou Springs roads are flooded or blocked off from access by local police or fire personnel.  Our own roads may become heavily damaged and impassable due to rock slides or wash-outs.  The ability to get life saving supplies or services into Crystal Park will be limited or impossible.  We could loose electricity due to major flooding in Manitou Springs or Colorado Springs.  With a major flood in Manitou and/or Colorado Springs, Crystal Park is at extra risk if there is an extended loss of power:   Our well pumps won't work without no water!

Initially, until the Park completes a more comprehensive action plan for the inevitable flood event(s), individuals of the community need to prepare their own family plans as well as consider how each person can help those who are not as prepared or unable to fully care for their needs during a prolonged event when the Park will be without electrical power.

Your Guide to Flash Flood Preparation: Preparing for Flood Waters after the Waldo Canyon Wildfire

You need to be prepared to be stranded inside or outside of Crystal Park for up to a week:  In the event of a flood that restricts/cuts-off ingress and egress to and from Crystal Park, you need to be prepared. Your safety is your responsibility. A few things you may want to consider in your planning are listed below.

Where will you go once it is possible to leave the Park if you are still without power?

Where will you go if you are stranded outside of Crystal Park by closed roads?

Do you have clothing, personal items, medications, etc. at the ready?

What is the plan for family members (including pets) inside the Park? What will you do to communicate with family members if you are separated?

Are you prepared to be stranded inside of CP for a week: Do you have enough food, water, medications, etc.? Do you rely on oxygen? Do you have medical needs that require frequent visits to medial facilities?

Your television and computer will not work for news updates and other communications without power.  How will you contact emergency services in the event of a medical emergency?    How will you get the emergency information you need to make good decisions?

Your cell phone may not work. The circuits will be jammed and, as during the Waldo Canyon Fire, it could take half an hour to even get a text message sent or received.  How will you plan for that contingency?

Some suggested supplies to have on hand:

Lots of stored water for drinking, cooking, and flushing toilets

Food that does not require refrigeration or cooking

Full tank of propane for your grill

A week's worth of medications and other medical supplies; oxygen, etc.

Extra batteries

Cell phone charger in your car

Full tanks of gas in your cars

Bag of clothing, medications, etc., stored (or in a pack that you take with you whenever you leave the Park) in your vehicles in the event you are stranded outside of the Park or have to leave suddenly

Information regarding Waldo Canyon Fire and Flood can be found at the following link:

The threat is real for years to come. Your preparations are up to you.