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Official Site for the Crystal Park Volunteer Fire Department
and the Crystal Park Metropolitan District

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Public Planning Documents

Crystal Park Community Wildfire Protection Plan(CWPP) November 2012
The updated CWPP was a joint project between the CPHOA, the CPMD and the CPFD.

Crystal Park Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) July 2006
The original plan was developed prior to the formation of the CPFD; but is essential to the ability of the Metro District and the CPFD to apply for Federal and State grants, and provides an overall guide to providing safety for residents and protection from wildfire in the Park.  The plan was subsequently updated in 2006.

CPFD Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan January 2008

1993 PUD Land Use Resolution
Page 4 of the Crystal Park PUD outlines the need for a volunteer fire department and evacuation plans in case of wildland fire.